Mar 23, 2015

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Innovation from CES 2015


With Consumer Electronics Show behind us there is a lot to talk about and a lot of impressions that we left to settle since then. We bring you bits and pieces of the new technologies presented on this year’s CES. The most advanced technologies were shown in Las Vegas and we can say for sure that what we saw there will mark the road for the future tech development worldwide.

4K player bluray-

today, 4K resolution seems to be all the rage. What was stunning, 1080p and UHD, just a few years ago is now almost forgotten as the market is going forth with the 4K resolution as the standard. That is why Panasonic showed their candidate in form of a 4K Blue-ray disk player that will support the great resolution and give users superior viewing experience.

Bluetooth shoes  apps-training-system-Nike-2-

wearables designers and developer are getting more creative and bolder every day. After wearable smart watches, glasses and helmets, we had a chance to see one of the crazier products on CES – wearable smart shoes, equipped with Bluetooth connection. This is a product intended for those fitness lovers that would like to have shoes that monitor their movements and keep them informed about the process of their training.

Sharp shap2-

this somewhat forgotten company showed up on on CES prepared and ready to stun both competition and customers. They presented huge 4K and even 8K monitors that look just amazing and work even better. They also presented something that will be interesting to follow in the future: 60 inch screens that wrap around pillars on public spaces or big offices. They might serve as the information areas but the real possibilities for implementation are numerous.

Sling TV slingtv-

this mobile servicing network that distributes live streams of the popular TV channels was a big hit on CES. There is a large movement called “Cable cutters” forming in the US, with people displeased with the way cable companies are operating are cutting cables, so to speak. regular TV is threatened to be overrun by the wave of on-demand watching services that allow people much cheaper and better viewing experience.

Epix epix-

tech developer Gemin introduced their new design for the smart watch narrowly targeting the market with only a few features. Main one is the mapping ability of the device, which is, as they say, superior to the competition. Epix is a smart watch aimed to the nature lovers and trackers that can now navigate without clumsy devices that break the spirit of nature escape but also at drivers that can now see everything they need on their wrists.

Mercedes mercedes-

tech news from the car giant only proves how far technology has come. With the option of driver-less driving, car concept and design is going through some big changes. With the smart system integrated in the new Mercedes F 015, car is redesigned to match new conditions. And it looks amazing, slick and futuristic. It’s driver’s seat can be rotated around so all the passengers can look at each other, and this is a certain sign that the industry is going to see some pretty new and exciting ideas.

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